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  • Fixative
  • Sealer Coat
  • Shearling Glaze
Fixative: Another unique product available only from Colorex.  This special cross linker is designed for increasing the strength and the physical attributes of our Next Step Products.  Fixative is generally used in conjunction with our Sealer Coat to produce a "Crock Proof - Wet or Dry" finish.  Fixative can also be used with any of the other Next Step Finishes to produce similar results.

  Size Availability: 2-Ounce and 4-Ounce
  Mixes With: Next Step Sealer Coat and Next Step Finishes

Sealer Coat: This specially formulated topcoat provides a heavy duty film that is unnoticeable to the eye or touch to create a barrier against dye or pigment transference for all your finished leather.  When adding Next Step Fixative to the Sealer Coat, you are creating a superior film of extreme toughness, which is advisable for all leather furniture, automotive leather, or for anyone who guarantees their work.

  Size Availability: Quart and Gallon
  Mixes With: Next Step Fixative

Shearling Glaze: This is a resurfacing agent designed specifically for Glazed Shearlings.  This product produces a light film that is necessary for garments to be smooth and pigmented, yet soft in feel.

  Size Availability: Quart, Gallon, and 5-Gallon

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