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  • Renews Dried Out Leathers
  • Renews Faded Out Leathers
  • Prevents Water Stains
  • Prolongs Life of Leather
  • Cleans
  • Softens
  • Guards Against Grease Stains
  • Very Easy to Use
Size Availability: Paste comes in 4-Ounce and 8-Ounce jars
  Liquid available in Quart and Gallon

Leather Guard is an amazing product that is made up of a very unique combination of cleaners, oils, and waxes that will bring your dried and faded out leathers back to life.

This product is used in the manufacturing of leather itself to protect the leather from spotting.  It also provides a high degree of water repellency, excellent surface feel, and deep penetrating lubrication that provides extreme softness.  Leather Guard does exactly what its name implies;
It guards against scuffing, water staining, spotting, soiling, marking, grease, salt, and other things that ruin the natural look of leather.
Leather Guard will substantially prolong the life and beauty of leather.

Leather Guard is safe and very easy to use; you can either spray or rub it onto the leather, wait 60 seconds, then wipe off.  Leather Guard comes in both liquid and hand rub formulas (highly recommended).
Leather Guard is great on all smooth leathers, furniture, purses, shoes, and other leather articles.

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