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Suede Brushes

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  • Suede Brushes
  • Glass Jars
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Needles
  • Sponge Blocks
Suede Brushes: Hard, Short Hair, " Inch Trim Brush. Measures 6"x 2 ".
Combination Wire/Bristle Brush with " trim. Measures 4 "x 1 ".
Soft, Long Hair, 1" Inch Trim Brush. Measures 6"x 2 ".

Glass Jars: Economical 8-Ounce glass jars with white plastic caps.  Each
fits Binks Spray guns and is also great to store your blended colors.  Jars
are sold individually, or in case lots of 12 or 24.

Glue Gun: Made from seamless heavy-gauge steel.  Force-feed pump
with two steel ball valves.  Pump parts are removable for easy cleaning.
It is a Pistol type 6-Ounce container with 4" rigid spot.  Each glue gun is
sold individually.

Glue Needles: Stainless Steel, 1- Inch length glue needles are 17 gauge.
One dozen needles are sold in a box.

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